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Why Add Infrared Imaging To Your Inspection?

Infrared Imaging is an extremely valuable tool we have to take our home inspections we perform to the next level. We are certified through NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) to be able to conduct an infrared imaging inspection and all of our inspectors have received special training in this area. The technology behind this, is the use of an infrared camera which translates the heat signatures of objects into colors on a gradient scale, with higher temperatures appearing as lighter colors, and lower temperatures and wet areas appearing as darker colors.  Also known as thermal imaging and thermography, IR technology captures the light that exists just outside the visible spectrum.  Thermal images show surface-heat variations, which is why an IR camera is such a diverse tool for commercial and home inspectors that can be used for a variety of applications.  Abnormally hot electrical components and connections can be viewed during an electrical inspection.  Areas of moisture that may lead to leaks and structural damage can be located based on apparent temperature differences.  Heat loss and air leakage in a building envelope, and even areas of insufficient insulation, can be pinpointed quickly and accurately during an energy audit.